Our Affiliates

Noura Bishay, An Architect from Egypt who has a passion to design spaces that inspires, heals and empower the community. She received her master’s degree in Architecture from the NewSchool of Architecture and Design. Her thesis “The Green Network” has received the SDAPA Academic Award. Ms. Bishay combines compassion with art to design and create spaces that matter. She was nominated for the AIA Student Awards. She also got qualified for the AIA Film Challenge for her Park to Bay Project. ​ Ms. Bishay finishing her bachelor’s degree in architecture from Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Marine Transport. She worked for six years in two of the top architecture firms in Egypt. She worked on more than 90 projects in Egypt and the USA such as residential, retail, commercial and industrial. Also, she trained her coworker and supports them. She was awarded five scholarships; AIA Scholarship, International Student Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, and the AAUW International Fellowship. The University of San Diego chose Ms. Bishay as a change maker and offered her a $20,000 Scholarship to study a master’s in social innovation. Ms. Bishay also volunteered in developing a slum area for the garbage collectors in Egypt as well as volunteering with AIA- HN1M (Housing the next One Million). Her passions are helping the homeless and supporting women’s rights. She believes that we can change the world by our small actions, and she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Ms. Bishay is one of the founders of the first eco-village in Sinai, Egypt. She, along with her family, planted the desert and they planted in 2 farms almost 30,000 olive tree and 5,000 palm trees. Bishay’s family has transformed the desert into an organic valley. To visit her page of affiliation Click here