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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), is an internet advertising model used to direct paid traffic to websites. If you want to drive more traffic, more leads and sales then you are at the right place to boost your business products and services with Google and Bing Advertisement. EwaysSoft comes up with the 100% customers’ satisfaction and vast experience to receive reckonable and targeted website traffic.
EwaysSoft’s PPC Expert have attain the intellect to extract the most effective and accurate keywords phrase according to the targeted online users to make the PPC Campaign success. At the same time the ROI (Return on Investment) stays the first priority for you, so we always ensure that CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and CPI (Cost-Per-Impression) should always be synced to accomplish higher conversion rates.


Search Advertising

Search Advertising is one the most essential ad channels which drive leads and revenue for your business. We are having expertise for managing small budgets ads for Start-Ups or any outsized organization. Audience will be targeted on the basis of your geo location and behavioral pattern.


Display Advertising

Get your ads display at right place on Google to grab more attention of your targeted audience. EwaysSoft comes up with the latest techniques and remarketing tools to deliver best display ads campaign performance. We help to meet your goals i.e ecommerce sales, brand awareness, lead generation with array of attractive ads format.


Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertisement is the cost-effective and great way to connect with your targeted audience now a day. We are here to grab billons of users with our mobile ads campaign. Our team is expertise in mobile ads, click to call campaigns, call tracking and conversation rate optimization.


Google Shopping Ads

If you are having an ecommerce website then we would like to recommend the Google Shopping Ads which is basically for online retail marketing business. We will display your ads where you want to see your ads on goggle with Google Product Listing Ads.

Affordable PPC Plans


PPC is the online advertising model used to drive direct traffic and paid traffic to your website in that way advertiser has to pay for every click on the search or display ads of the websites.
The major difference is SEO is long-term process to achieve traffic but the PPC (Google Adwords) is short-term activity to gain more traffic and lead from targeted audience. Keywords Targeting in PPC is unlimited but that in seo is limited. Tracking the seo results is difficult but from PPC results it’s too easy to track traffic sources and keyword popularity.
Once we have audit your website for keyword, and targeted audience we begin with development and strategic keyword implementation so that campaign should get in place within 1-2 weeks. PPC Campaigns will have different ad groups on the basis of category, audience and location. Your ads clicks reporting will be shown by us on the daily or weekly basis of campaign scheduling.
When anyone click on your ads showing on the search results page, you will have to pay according to the avg CPC. The spending amount will be decided after the keyword researches. It may get changes after one or two days of running the campaign. Our PPC pricing highlighted in the form of Silver and Gold packages.
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