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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proficient way to keep linked with your customers and apart from that also promoting your business. With email marketing, you can easily and quickly grab traffic from targeted markets without any need of online ads, television, newspaper or any high production costs. We create effective and attractive professional emails that will definitely bring your targeted audience at your business doors. Reports are created by us based on market statistics, analyzing which various objectives like objectives for cost, quality and productivity and possible constraints are derived.


Explore Business Goal

Ewayssoft is here to simplify your business goals and plan the way how to achieve objective of your email marketing campaigns. With our considered approach, appropriate regulation and a strong message, your business will surely receive the great brand popularity.


Increase Brand Awareness

With the each email that will be sent to your customers are exposed about your business and brand. Our Strategic planning, attractive designs and unique content, your business will every time build a value.


Measurable Analytics

Analytics are necessary for measuring the success of marketing campaigns. We will show you the valuable metrics, including delivery rates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates and subscriber retention rates.


Cost Effective Marketing

Most engaging advantages of email marketing are ROI (Rate of Investment). There is no print cost, advertisement fees, and marketing proposal. Our trusted marketing services make the process simple and cost-effective.


Our robust content management system makes it possible and easy for you to manage, tweak and update content regularly, keeping content both current and fresh.
Our websites accommodate the interactive features that involve users, make your website adaptive and result in your website getting more hits.
We build in efficient user controls to accommodate increased flexibility, and effectively use multiple screens to ensure that site visitors are able to see all choices and make selections easily. We also build in a filtering system that lets users choose by product, service or category.
We incorporate usage tools, QuickBooks, Salesforce and FileMaker that provide audience data and reporting and allow you to evaluate the popularity of different pages, how long visitors stay on the site or a page and even the path with which they navigate through your site. We also integrate Google Analytics which supports features such as cross device and cross platform measurement and social reports. If you like, we can incorporate a "What's New" feature into our content management system that engages frequent users by allowing them to see what has changed since their last visit.
The enormous range of website requirements—essentially whether you want a fully customized, unique website or open-source development—make it difficult to quote a flat rate for website development. Because we listen carefully to what you want to accomplish with your site, we can recommend a blend of offerings that will enable you to enhance your users' experiences at the same time that you control your costs —for example, leading open-source, third-party extensions and best-of-breed platforms combined with customized back-end feature. Come in and talk to us to research your best options in solution and cost.