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Case Studies

Get an inside look at the real success stories and how we got them there.

1800GiftPortal- Online Gift Store

1800 Gift Portal

1800Gift Portal comes up with the variety of unique gifts products that suits the customer’s needs and keep their connection stronger.

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  • 1800GiftPortal approached Eways Soft Solutions for a versatile websites which could oblige their developing item stock and preparing activities user-friendly environment.
  • They wanted to change the product price according to the selected country.
  • The most challenging part of this project was to change the product cost currency as per customer geo location.
  • Last but not the least the wanted to show a special warm message on their gifts like “Happy Birthday to…”, “Happy Anniversary to..” as per the occasions or events
  • What We Did
  • Re-platforming Simple PHP to Magento
  • Customized Megento Extension Used
  • Changed Currency according to the Geo/IP Location
  • Custom reporting and shipping algorithm
TheBodyWonders- Natural Beauty Products

The Body Wonders

TheBodyWonders is an e-commerce website which offers natural, herbal and organic products for skin, hair and body.

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  • ThebodyWonders come up to Eways Soft Solutions with a goal for a flexible and responsive websites which could showcase their products user-friendly.
  • They needed a flexible website that could put up their growing product inventory and delivers user-friendly and responsive designs.
  • We just replatform the website from Wordpress to Magento platform for prevalent stock administration.
  • The new site was featured with most popular list of natural and organic products in the World!
  • What We Did
  • Re-platforming Wordpress to Megento Platform
  • User-Friendly and Responsive Designs
  • Custom Reporting and Shipping
  • Mobile-Friendly Website
TwinkleTime- Online Home Services

Twinkle Time

TwinkleTime is a professional and reliable house cleaning services provider in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Greater Noida and many more nearest places to this.

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  • TwinkleTime come within reach of Eways Soft Solutions to make their websites a great place for their online customers with user-friendly responsive services selections.
  • At the Wordpress platform the most exigent thing was to customize the pricing as per the services changes.
  • At the next step they demanded for the combined pricing display in the cart for different services that would get selected by the customers.
  • We added the calling functions in the backend for the price which not able to get decided on the cart page.
  • What We Did
  • User-Friendly and Responsive Design
  • Customized Prices as per services
  • Implemented Calling Functions
  • Customized Prices List on Cart Page