Why Responsive Web Design is Important in 2018

April 9, 2018

It is essential for every business owner to ensure their websites exhibit perfectly for whatever device being used by the audience. With the evolution of technology and progressive development of newer devices, varied platforms, and mobile-specific browsers, responsive web design is an important factor in website creation. Consequently, for running a successful website, Responsive web designing has become the need of the hour. For this reason, clients search for best web Development Company in India or web designing company in India, such as us, which has a team of responsible website designers with the newest tools and techniques to provide a superior experience.

History: In 2001, a website named as Audi.com was launched. It was designed to adapt its layout that was based on the width of the browser viewport. Initially, terms like “fluid,” “flexible,” “liquid,” and “elastic” were used interchangeably to describe the same concept. Then, developer Ethan Marcotte coined the phrase “responsive web design” in 2010.Then, in 2015, Google introduced recommendation that involved responsive web design and began rewarding such sites.

More recently: Google has moved on to even bigger heights. It has introduced some principles and strategies that improve mobile web experience along with user-friendly encounter through desktop/laptop. This concluded that user can read and navigate the site with minimum resizing and scrolling. Hence, websites with Responsive web designing now have grown as an industry standard.

Benefits of Responsive Web design

  • Your website needs a responsive web design not only to give users multiple device access but there are many other crucial necessities to opt it. This certifies that the web content is accessible on wide-range of devices and platforms.
  • Responsive web design ensures user-friendly platform and craft website that approaches responsive to all screens. It means that all content and pages are adaptable to all screen resolutions and devices. Hence, the users are authorized to view your website on any mobile or a laptop with easy navigation despite the varying screen sizes. It simply makes websites that can adapt to the size of the visitor’s viewport.
  • Not only this, your website will be gifted with CUSTOMIZED WEBSITE FEATURES and will increase cross-browser compatibility, this adds on a positive impression of brand and business and gaining an edge on the competition.
  • Responsive website design is an essential part of SEO as it has now become an important ranking factor. This is simple, Web sites that are responsive will effectively load faster which is automatically going to support the website ranking. This will decrease the bounce rate as well.
  • Responsive Web Design acts as the backbone for E-Commerce Sites. Slow speed, tough & boring registration procedures, waiting for response while listing shopping carts etc. are the reasons behind customer taking off and abandoning purchases. Thus, responsive design ensures the smoother encounter for customers and avoids long and challenging registration forms, which is an issue inflamed by poor responsiveness.
  • Introduction of responsive web designing has Lower Maintenance Need. This can be easily understood because having a separate desktop and mobile sites also necessitate two content strategies, two administrative interfaces and possibly two design teams. Responsive design’s “one size fits all” approach means tranquillity for developers, business owner as well as consumers. Therefore it is cost effective as well as frees time for other requirements such as social media marketing, Search engine optimization, PPC advertisement etc.

Now, since you have known how responsive web design impacts your website, brand, and business, make sure your website is response effective. If not, contact web design experts and hire them to outstand traditional plans and technology. Make sure you provide consistent as well as user-friendly experience to your clients.

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