Trends in Digital Marketing Which Change the Market for Businesses

April 23, 2019

The social media world is growing day by day, and algorithms are getting the lead gradually. As we know that every year, new and modern strategy comes with existing technologies and become more and more intelligent. In today's world, everything is going online, entertainment, medical-health,property, banking and currencies. In Asian countries alone, 90% of the young population is active on digital media. Latest trends in Internet Marketing are extremely beneficial for customers who are interested in the online marketing areas. Eways Soft shows step by step trends in digital marketing. We are all about online marketing and search engine optimization.

From internet marketer's point of view, search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important steps for digital marketing. Hence you should learn what SEO means and understand its working. Digital Marketing trends are listed below:

Guinness ChatBots:

Smart ChatBot Digital Marketikng

Chabot plays a smart role at Digital marketing in 2019. It’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) based technology manages immediate messaging through chat system in real-time, day or night, with your clients or site visitors. With 2.1 billion people communicating with smart Chatbot, 90% of popular companies or businesses are already using Chatbot or thinking to upgrade to a smarter Chatbot by 2020. The Chatbot is benefitting businesses saving them over $1 billion per month, $12 billion per year from hiring human resource, in the banking and healthcare sectors mainly.

Maximum clients favor communicating with Chatbot as they are responsive, provide solutions immediately, perfectly recall your whole marketing history, and never lose the mental patience. These virtual assistants give excellent customer support, answering clients, fulfill the visitor’s expectations and automating repeated tasks – which means you can concentrate on extra important work. ChatBots can also be used to solve prospects, schedule transactions, appointments and make better decisions giving more return on investment. These answers all the questions that clients would require and are creative enough to use adequate emoji’s according to the situation. For example Webchat can help the customers automatically and optimize customer service..

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence examines customer behavior and performance, search queries,examine data use for social media networks and also blog posts, microblogs to promote companies to understand how clients and users discover their services/products. It is a collection of computers which examine everything quickly. It is suitable to completely understand behaviors and patterns by going through data. Artificial Intelligence is becoming intelligent, smarter and the maximum problems are made by voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google have reduced.

Voice Search:

Voice Search Trends In Digital Marketing

Voice search is surely growing day by day. According to ComScore, 45% of all queries are asked on voice search-based. There are essentially four types of voice search: which are performed by intelligent speaker’s like-Apple Homepod, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and also Google Home. These types of virtual assistant response quickly to any voice commands asked by user that are installed in every smart devices and smartphones like Siri and Google Assistant help which is display written search results. Voice Searches are faster and simpler than regularly to search like web search or picture search for the content that you want. It performs an essential task in giving all the proper information which clients are searching for through voice search.

Social Media Marketing :

Graph Report of Social Media Marketikng

Social Media Marketing is a term which makes thrown around a lot. But it’s not just a buzzword; this is true everyone is always active on digital media in every minute. In the social media marketing strategy, you just set up many marketing points that strengthen everyone else to meets customers requirement.For example, you can use social media as the format of your website and email it as a channel for leads. Maximum top companies use social media, pay per click and email marketing mediums for their lead. As we know social media organization is the topmost digital marketing method according to 70% of marketers as per the survey by Clutch, clients aren’t just engaging with company brands name by commenting on Facebook or twitter posts.

Video Marketing :

Video Marketing is a Gold Mine for Digital Marketing. Video Marketing is completely managed socially. According to a recent survey, 70 of the best 100 channels on which global customers see videos are social channels. Social Media administrator recently predicted that the platform will be all the videos in less than five years. This can improve the website, click-through rates, traffic, search engine ranking, and also improves conversion rates. If you want to target your ideal visitor, YouTube is the biggest channel to reach your ideal visitor. According to recent research, 60 percent of internet users had the possibility to purchase product or services they were considering purchasing after seeing a video demonstration of that product.7 Types of Videos Marketing

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