Email Marketing Essentials Tips for Small Business

Fabruary 5, 2018

Email is one the best way to engage your website unique visitor, followers and also aware the daily customers about your new offers and subscription. Small Business either they are functioning offline or online has a great chance to gain lots from effective email marketing services.

Whether you are having your online business or offline like Ecommerce Website, Blog of any Category or Online Web Services, email is a great way to get in touch with your customers which visits your website daily or has one time. Email Marketing is the one of the most efficient way to convert potential customers to everlasting customers.

Most of the businesses people believe that reaching the people by the use of social media marketing alter the role of email marketing, a powerful user engaging marketing tool.

Tips to grow Email Marketing List

The centre of any email marketing campaign is the list of email ids. This list should be of quality email ids as the difference can be make when it comes at conversion and ROI of that campaign. Expanding the list of emails is time consuming so these tips will help you out from that.

  1. Easy to Register

  2. The first and basic step is to get user register to your list easily with limited information like name and email id which is more enough for you to engage that user. Try to make a single click registration form. Once they click on the “register” button they got an email confirmation mail on their registered id. Step ahead the email confirmation that users is in your email list.

  3. Offers and Discounts Benefits

  4. Why someone should register via your registration form. What Benefits they are getting with this feature and why they should provide their info to you? So, it’s better to show benefits of that registration to your website visitors. Benefits like some coupons, offers, discounts, limited time-period offers, inform the visitor about the upcoming discounts.

  5. Placement of Registration Form

  6. Place your email campaign template or registration form on the page that visitor generally used to visit on your website that will help you to get the email list easily and quickly. Best webpage area to place your registration box:-

    • Above the fold- part of Webpage that is visible to visitors without scrolling the webpage.
    • Footer- High converting place for email marketing campaigns is footer area. This one is recommended for online shopping sites and the website which is not having any post only pages.
    • Top Right Sidebar- If you want to place the registration form on the sidebars of webpage then it would be better to place it at top right-sidebar.
    • Bottom of Recent Articles- If your blog is having high traffic and low bounce rate then place your registration form at the end the article post.
    • Top of Homepage- Many popular websites and business marketers used to place email subscribers at the top of their homepage which definitely generate more leads and conversions.
  7. Make a use of Social Media to get more email subscribers

  8. Your website is not only the gateway to enhance your email subscribers. You may use your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin to get more lists of email ids.

  9. Track you Competitors Email Campaign

  10. To be aware about your competitors email campaign techniques register your email id on their subscribe form and get an idea about the templates and emails they send out. What kind of offers and discounts they are giving after subscribing them.

  11. Content Strategy for your email marketing campaigns

  12. Get an idea or plan a content strategy before setting up you email marketing campaign. For example you can get idea by subscribing your Competitors email. Content should be unique, attractive, eye-catching, and user-friendly so that user can read one once and get what you are providing or offering.

According to previous year statistics there are over 4.4 billon email accounts in 2017. Almost every website either they are online-portal, shopping site, blog, web services or any other category of are using this effective marketing tool to contact and engage their potential visitors of website. We must recommend every small, medium even big business must have an email marketing campaign to get its advantages at lower cost.

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