Complete Guide to SEO Beginners

November 27, 2017

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as its commonly called, is the best online marketing, digital marketing or internet marking strategy to get free organic traffic and visitors from the various search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo.
Most of them want their website to show on the top of the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

So how would you get on the first page of a web search engine? That is the place SEO comes in. To start with, you have to make sense of what your client are searching for so you can ensure that they discover your site.

Here we’re going to show basic SEO guide that a beginner must have knowledge about the Search Engine Optimization, Google SERP, Link Building, Page Speed and many more.

How website will show up on Google SERP?

Google will crawl you website by finding it during a search on Google results page, but if you have recently launched your site, Google will not able to crawl it. If you are willing to check this when the Google has crawled or indexed your website and even you don’t have the access of webmaster. Don’t worry you can go through it by typing the “site:” in the Google’s search bar. The result will comes up with the date and timing of page cached by Google. If you have made any recent changes to your website and want that to be indexed by the Google Bot the here is the easiest way to do that. Simply go search for “Submit my URL to Google” and submit a cache/indexing request to Google.

How you will get higher ranking on Google?

Not the one who’s experienced can guarantee exact ranking of your website but there is some things that you can try to get higher ranking than your competitor on various search engine. SEO factors that helps to increase website ranking and traffic has been discussed below.

High Quality Content on Website

SEO is about creating high quality content enriched with specific keywords related to topic and website. Content should be updated frequently with the right information what the users searching on your website. Make your website’s content descriptive with Meta Tags, Anchor Text, Informative images that will make the users interested in clicking on your link. Never forget to add heading tags on your webpage i.e h1 to h6.

Image Optimization

We all know Google is smart enough but not that much to read images. Each image on your website should have ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tag. Alt tag is used to describe about the image on Google Search Engine and same the title tag is used to tell human being what the image is all about.

Site should be Mobile Friendly

Google comes up with the recent update that it will give higher ranking to the mobile friendly website rather than the non-mobile friendly website. You can check your website status about the mobile friendly at Website Mobile Friendly Test.

Improve Website Speed

Page Speed is the results shows between the user clicked on the websites URL and the webpage get fully displayed. Website loading speed is slow means Googlebot will crawl your fewer pages that would affect your ranking and indexing. The best time of loading any website is within 2 Seconds or less. There are various ways to reduce page speed loading time: - Minify JS, CSS and HTML file, Image Optimization, reduces redirection.

Inbound and Outbound Link Building

Link Building is one of the important parts of off-page Search Engine Optimization Services. Inbound and Outbound Link Building helps to make the internal and external links popularity with high quality of content. Links helps Search Engines to discover the popular webpage of the website in case to get higher ranking on the SERP. For beginners here is the description of Inbound and outbound links:-

  • Inbound Link- In the link building strategies there are two types of links i.e inbound and outbound link. Inbound links is in the form of hypertext, anchor text or it’s simply a link which comes from an external website to your webpage. Inbound Links are most important for the Search Engine Optimization because Google judges the website popularity, trust, domain and page authority only on the good Inbound links points to that website.
  • Outbound Link- Outbound Link is the hypertext or anchor text link which points to any other webpage from your website. These types of links get direct or in other specific way to webpage or website. Outbound links comes in two diverse one is dofollow and another one is nofollow. Both of them having it’s important in Google PageRank Juice.

Social Media Optimization

Best way to engage the targeted users on your website is to flow with Social Media Marketing Services. With SMM your business will get potential customers, increase brand awareness, lead generation, and improve customer services on your website. The major platforms for engaging social media users are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Youtube. Sites popularity increases the more trust from the search engines.

SEO victory entail with patience and consistency. The success of SEO work comes up usually after 6 months of implementing the SEO off-page and on-page factors. SEO has become a proven strategy to create high conversion, lead generation, brand awareness and promotion.

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