5 SEO Trends to Follow in 2018

jun 7, 2018

The technical era has rapid evolvement of search and digital world. So, in order to ensure the success of your business, you need to understand and adopt new trends for Search Engine Optimization in 2018. The latest trends have been accepted globally no matter if you are working for SEO Company in India or any other part of the world. Adaptation of the modern day SEO techniques & harnesses of new SEO fads will be far more customized, well-timed, and precise. This article contains few of the predicted latest SEO trends that will dominate this year.

  1. Visual and Audio Searches

  2. Over the years, users got the ethical right for online search in the form of image or voice assets. Therefore, the webmasters should be updated to Google norms and conditions and plan accordingly when it comes to such inorganic searches. Yes, the visual and audio searches are classified as inorganic searches. There is a need to go beyond the simple keyword searches & concentrate more on verbal terms and images used by searchers.

  3. Mobiles being the Forefront

  4. The studies show that web browsing has impressively increased on mobiles. Therefore developing or refining mobile-friendly website is a compulsion. In order to compete with your rivals, make sure to embrace stimulation of mobile pages, and aim at this user-friendly experience to modify SEO strategies.

  5. Featured Snippets

  6. There is the positive probability that use of snippets will be increasing dynamically. Consequently, for SEO masters it has become an essential task to make strategies to win this block in 2018.Make sure the snippets are unique and attractive to draw the attention of users as well as put emphasis on the arrangement and layout of content.

  7. Secure HTTPS protocol

  8. It is very crucial to have HTTPS protocol as HTTP protocols are likely to be labelled unsafe and are actively dropped in search results. Not only this, even the users may perceive it as suspicious and distrustful. Hence, to avoid all this, SEO friendly website demands HTTPS protocol. Still wondering why you require updated HTTPS protocol. Simple- It’s free, safe, secure, accepted by search engines and boosts website ranking on SERP. So, to gravitate to top ranking, you must follow this trend.

  9. Hyperlocal marketing Approach

  10. Hyperlocal marketing approach means targeting the traffic within the specific area based on geographical location & capitalize on near-me searches. For an example, looking for SEO companies in Chandigarh using keyword SEO companies in Chandigarh or SEO companies near me, SEO Experts have to focus on traffic approach only in London rather than the whole England or Globe and hence, narrowing the results down to a smaller regional area. Therefore, it is important to know the impact of hyperlocal marketing on current SEO methodology.

Now, it is understandable that SEO is a constantly changing industry and the most successful SEO strategies continue to focus on long-term results. Step up to follow the latest SEO trends of 2018 and use technology to offer a great user-friendly experience and watch your ranking improve.

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